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Waterfalls and ponds designed and constructed by Douglas Hoover in Southern California from 1980 - 2010

Douglas C. Hoover was born in Jackson MI Nov., 13-1947 US Navy 1965-1969  2nd Class Electricians Mate, USS Algol AKA-54

Douglas Hoover is an author, free-lance writer for News Papers and magazines with his column. "Let's Talk Health" the same name as his radio program- specializing in water and its relationship to health. Douglas Hoover is on record for introducing the very first bottled water vending machine, in Bill's
IGA grocery store in Brooklyn MI in 1976- 7years before Glacier Water Vending (1983)  check out Doug's latest #1 Best Seller: "Distilled Water and Health" A Match Made In Heaven- Free Download on the Home Page: SurvivorStill

Doug Hoover, with his wife Alice, has resided in San Diego, California, for thirty years.  Previous to settling in California, he was a custom home builder and designed and built restaurants.  He designed and built one in Michigan; he built the first two of a chain of Pony Express pizza stores in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah.  In La Jolla, California he built two restaurants on Fay Avenue, The Bagatelle French Cuisine, and Pizza  Jolla Italian Restaurant.
  Doug Hoover has well over 2,000 waterfalls to his credit. Thumbtack.com/douglashoover The largest of these is 135 feet high on Mt. Soledad in La Jolla.  His experience includes dozens of waterfalls constructed to spill into existing swimming pools, waterfalls for pool contractors, the conversion of swimming pools into koi ponds, and more.  His work stretches from California to the Midwest.  
Doug Hoover is also an inventor of several pond products such as FountainliteTM, FountainPotTM, AquafillTM electronic float control system.  There is now one available for new swimming pools and a retrofit model for existing pools.  Also, there are Aquafills for hot tubs, ponds, and fountains of all types.
Doug Hoover's work has appeared on the front cover of many magazines, including Ponds, Ponds USA, San Diego Living, San Diego Family, San Diego Home and Garden, Living in Style, and the May 2005 issue of Better Homes and Gardens "The Spring Planting Guide."  He was on the front cover of the October 2003 issue of San Diego Home and Garden and that project won "Garden of the Year" award.  Doug currently is a freelance writer for six magazines and is the author of a first-of-its-kind construction manual for contractors that teaches every aspect of the professional waterfall and pond construction. at DesignAPond.com

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