SurvivorStill Model SS-6 is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, 1.5mm 14 GA thickness. It is totally automatic, thanks to "Water Monitoring Engineering® and requires little to no attention with regard to the need to add water to the boiler as the steam evaporates and the level drops. It is also not necessary to manually change-out cooling water as required by all other non-electric water distillers! The SurvivorStill SS-6 is the only non-electric water distiller that is classified and rated as "Safe from Scalding Accidents." This is a critically important feature for any type appliance that boils water.

Over 500,000 people receive injuries from scalding according to the National Burn Institute. 265,000 children worldwide die annually from 3rd-degree burns through scalding accidents. A two-second contact with 150°F. can cause third-degree burns.  The average water temperature of the condenser of all other non-electric distillers is 150°F. In addition, all distillers have boilers with 212°F boiling water.

All other non-electric water distillers pose a serious burn threat from both the boilers and their condensers. However, we are proud to report that the SurvivorStill boiler is locked to prevent spills, plus the condenser water is always at room temperature, preventing any potential hazards or injuries.

 During a major disaster, most hospitals are either overcrowded or even unavailable; and worst case scenario, they are totally out of commission from looting or overrun by gangs. Major disasters are the worst time for seeking treatment of serious injuries that are capable of becoming infected.

The SurvivorStill
 condenser water stays at room temperature! Since all other non-electric distillers are scaled hazards, and with water being our most important daily necessity for survival in a disaster, doesn’t it make sense to invest in the best, most reliable distiller with the highest output available?

Another exclusive feature is that the SurvivorStill’s pure distilled water is produced in a completely closed system, preventing any possible chance of contamination from outside sources. Yet another exclusive feature is that the SurvivorStill's operation is totally automatic, powered by an industrial-grade 5-watt 12-volt solar panel and/or a 12-volt sealed battery coupled with a 20 amp 12-watt charge controller/ power supply. SurvivorStill’s incredible Heavy-steam Baffle Technology® purifies ocean water at 35,000 parts per million of dissolved salts and pollutants, to less than 2 ppm, including strained water straight from the city sewer system! Sewers are an inexhaustible source of drinking water when the water stops flowing from faucets in a disaster or emergency. The SurvivorStill kills all viruses, cysts, bacteria, disease germs, parasites and will remove all toxins, chemicals, including radioactive contamination. The SurvivorStill operates on any heat source: natural gas, electric, propane, barbecue grills, charcoal, camp stoves, and even a primitive campfire, producing a whopping 18+ gal/day (day or night, rain or shine). The SS-6 carries an unconditional lifetime warranty on the condenser and boiler, not found elsewhere in the water distiller industry.

Attesting to the 
SurvivorStill’s unmatched superior purification technology, its purification process is highly recommended by FEMA, Homeland Security the CDC and American Red Cross during emergencies, man-made and natural disasters. In addition, these organizations warn against the use of any type filter! Most filters require filter cartridge replacement and it is not possible to determine when the filters need replacing. Many filters require water pressure. Also, carbon filters are notorious for channeling water that is not filtered properly. If the only water source is high in turbidity and dissolved inorganic material, filters are worthless. Simply boiling this type of water does not get rid of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

When it comes to protection, the second most valuable source of life, next to air, is water. Why would anyone skimp on quality or performance, they surely don't when they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a wide screen television for their family room, garage or “man caves!" A television or well-stocked wine or liquor cabinet never saved anyone's life in the time of an emergency or disaster.

Do not trust your health or your family's health or survival to anything less than the "best of the best," 

SurvivorStill SS-6 by Aquamedia Group Companies    Patent US D770 009 S

SurvivorStill Model SS-6 outperforms all water distillers on the market in its price range, both electric and non-electric. 

  • 304 Stainless Steel 1.5 mm construction.
  • SurvivorStillTM will produce 18 gallons per day, over 30% more water than all other non-electric distillers on the market today.
  • Maximum production can be achieved with 54,000 BTU’s+
  • The other distillers are limited on production because they have limited ability to operate effectively at higher temperatures. The higher the applied heat source, the greater the production of steam and consequently the greater the amount of distillate.
  • SurvivorStillTM produces 18 GPD using a 54,000 BTU burner. The King KookerTM is rated at 54,000 BTUs (sold at an online store such as Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Walmart, Sears, etc.
  • Totally automatic operation… needs little or no attending.
  • No need to continually add replacement water to the boiler
  • AquaFill float level control valve is totally constructed of 304 Stainless
  • No need to add water to the boiling tank/ auto-feed system.

Automatic operation is provided by an industrial grade solar pump and 5-watt solar panel and a 12-volt sealed battery, a 20-amp Charge Controller and a 12-volt battery charger/ power supply

  • No need to change out water in the condenser with its auto-cooling system.
  • Condenser water remains at ambient temperature.

 NOTE:  All other non-electric distillers require the condensers to be dumped and refilled after as little as 15 min. depending on the BTUs applied to the boilers.

  • With all other non-electric distillers, this quickly leads to condenser temperatures of 150 F. + or, in other words, "scald hazards."
  •  SurvivorStill never needs the condenser water changed; that is accomplished automatically with the solar pump, backup battery or emergency siphon system (in the event there is no sun or the battery is dead).
  • Because of this unique design-engineering, the distillate produced exits the condensing coil at ambient temperature, ready to drink. No cooling necessary.
  • The SurvivorStill's exclusive, completely closed system was designed (from the boiler to post-filter glass collection bottle) to prevent any outside contamination.

The post filter is included to guarantee that no volatile chemical can pass through. It has a two-year life and can be cleaned, flushed and used over and over.

  • The solar pump is powered by an industrial grade aluminum framed 5-watts 12-volt solar panel, with two additional backup systems, a 12-volt sealed battery (powers pump 24-hours without solar power). The third is a siphon system.
  • Includes a 20-amp charge controller, Plus a 12-volt battery charger & 12-volt power supply.
  • The only non-electric water distiller that will purify ocean water from 35,000 ppm to 0 ppm and purifies water from a sewer. Also kills all viruses, cysts, all bacteria, and parasites, and will remove all toxins, chemicals including radioactive contamination.
  • Operates on any heat source: gas, electric, propane, barbecue grill, camp-stove or campfire. The more BTUs applied, the more distilled water produced!
  • Produces 18 gals/ day (day or night) rain or shine.
  • The tubing used for coil connection and the distillate collection is high-grade surgical SilconTM

  • Finished product meets USP Class VI requirements
  • Manufactured under good manufacturing procedures in a controlled environment

  • Able to resist extreme temperature variation: -100°F to 500°F
  • Reusable — will withstand repeated exposure to high temperatures
  • Translucent natural color for visual contact with the flow
  • Odorless, tasteless, and inert (which means it cannot leach chemicals) used in hospitals and laboratories for distilled water transfer. 
  • Raw materials meet FDA requirements per FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
  • for use with food contact surfaces
  • May be used on peristaltic pumps
  • Free of BPA, latex, and phthalates
  • REACH and RoHS compliant

                            SurvivorStill offers the best warranty in the Industry:

              Lifetime Warranty on both the condenser and boiler.

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