24 green Fire Disks

Aquamedia Group is proud to introduce the three most effective, efficient, affordable fire starter/fuel products on the market to date. All three fire starters out-perform all competition hands down and cost less.

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An investment in your own survival​

  • fire starter
  • water-proof
  • wind-proof
  • starts with spark 

​  Size: 2" dia.

  Weight: 1.7 oz.

  Burn time: 15 min.​   Cook time: 25 min.

Green Fire Products are all exclusive "fire starter/ "camping fuel" products in the emergency - survival industry.

Nothing else close...

24 MINI Green Fire Disks

24 Green Fire Disks

     w/​ Spark Start

24 Green Fire Disks

36 Green Fire Balls

Green Fire products


          The                                vs the QuickStove Fire Starter Disk

The                             starts with a single spark from a Ferro rod. Once lit, the fire ball will withstand wind up to 80+ miles per hour. As a result of its unique composition of certain non-toxic materials, the core of the fireball and disk reaches a temperature nearing 1000 F. at the point in time that the flame extinguishes. The core temp. remains as high as 500 F for another 5 minutes.


$29.97     + shipping  

Mini SS Folding Cook Stove & Fire Starter Kit Incl. Disk & Ferro Rod.

24 green Fire Disks

$36.97      + shipping  

$46.97     + shipping  

Mini Folding stove & Fire starter kit
36 green Fire Balls
24 green Fire Disks

$23.97     + shipping  

6 Green Fire Balls

6- Green Fire Balls