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Dr. Mark SircusAC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association, Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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Aquamedia's design and engineering surpasses all existing emergency water cleaning methods in its class. TheSurvivorStill SS-6 requires no electricity and purifies any polluted water source using any heat source. The SS-6 distillation process cleans water from the ocean or even the sewer, removing all chemicals, killing all disease germs, viruses, bacteria, cysts and even radioactive contamination. It produces 18+ gallons per day, rain or shine.   

             The Internet Medical "Expert" at Work-  Dr.  joseph Mercola, MD

Negative comments abound on the internet regarding the impact on overall health in the consumption of distilled water as a result of Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD's fraudulent, irresponsible publications. The doctor's most reprehensible comment to date is stating as medical fact that "early death comes from drinking distilled water." When you conduct a Google search using his exact phrase with quotation marks, you will discover that this man has been quoted 88,900,000 times.

What makes this fact so abhorrent is not exclusively for the fact that medical science and scientists refute his as fraudulent claims, but because I have been drinking 4 to 6 quarts per day for over 42 years. Also, I have fasted 34 times for 21 days and eight times for 40 days in the course of those 42 years! I'm not dead as Mercola predicted; as a matter of fact, I have never been sick one or taken any drugs or seen a doctor for sickness since 1975!

It has been my experience over the past 42 years that there is a predominant link or hidden agenda related to the negative or false accusation or claims against drinking distilled water. Most of these individuals are in some fashion connected to the sale of a water treatment device. They feel that if they can malign competing methods of water purification like distillation, they will increase their chances of selling their equipment and its method. What is distilled water? It is the cleanest most healthy water available. 

                  Well, surprise surprise! Mercola just happens to sell an MLM water filter system!

                            Here we go...(The following was copied from Mercola's website)

                  Five Sources of Water – What You Need to Know About Each

Tap Water – Easy, quick, convenient. But how many pollutants are lurking in your water? And what is your associated health risk? More on this in just a moment…

Bottled Water – Did you know that 40% of bottled water is actually TAP WATER? With or without added filtration – you're paying through the nose for it. Worse, an independent test by the Environmental Working Group found arsenic, DPBs, and 36 other harmful pollutants hiding in bottled water. Read more about this below…

Plastic bottles are a less than optimal idea too. They can contain the potentially hazardous chemical BPA.

And the devastating environmental impact is staggering.

Distilled Water – Use with caution… Long-term use can invite health problems because its minerals are evaporated out. So to try to maintain mineral balance, it sucks minerals out of your body.
What's worse, the contaminants in the water are more concentrated in the finished distilled water. You can just imagine what that does to your health.

Distilled water is associated with the following health problems:

Cardiovascular disease
Higher risk of bone fracture in children
Neurodegenerative diseases
Motor neuronal diseases
Preterm births, low birth weights, and preeclampsia
Various types of cancer
Increased risk of "sudden death"
Acute magnesium and calcium deficiency, weakness, fatigue and muscle cramping

Clearly, changing the water you drink can have profound and potentially disastrous effects on your health. For theses reasons alone, you need to invest in my water filter instead.

    [A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with false claims and fabricated LIES. Doug Hoover]

Alkaline Water – Although there is some controversy on this, I and most experts believe that this water should be used for short-term detoxification only (1-2 weeks max). Additionally, the alkalinization process does NOT filter the water so you need to carefully evaluate the water filter for the specific alkaline water unit it's using.

Vitamin Waters – Don't be fooled… Vitamin waters can contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and caffeine. Even worse… they use distilled water to produce these products – which as you just read, is one of the worst types of water you can consume.


Distilled Water & Health

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Last September, Dr. Mercola published an article lambasting the consumption of alkaline drinking water. A few weeks later, I published a rebuttal. I thought that was the end of it. People could read both articles and make their own decision. Silly me! In mid-December, Dr. Mercola published a new article — this time blasting distilled water. And once again, I find his conclusions unsupportable at best — but this time, accompanied by a disturbing twist. So once again, I rebut!

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SurvivorStill, non electric water distiller, emergency water purifier

Greed, Ignorance or Deception, Fraud, Malpractice, Irresponsible?  - You Decide!

For those that follow Dr. Andrew Weil, who has been drinking distilled water processed through distillation for years, here is a quote of his:

“You can try drinking bottled distilled water if you like. It’s water that has been turned into steam so its impurities are left behind. The steam is then condensed to make pure water. The process of distillation kills and removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. Once distilled, the water is as pure as water can reasonably be. While it’s true that distillation removes minerals as it eliminates various other contaminants from water, I don’t feel this is a problem. We get our minerals from food, not water.

As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has no effect on the body’s acid/base balance. Distilled water is safe to drink, and the kind of water I use myself.” (Distillation, Drinking distilled water, what is distilled water?)


Aquamedia's model SS-6   Emergency distillation

24 Doctors Freely Share the Truth About Distillation and the Health Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water.


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During a disaster,  more people die from lack of clean drinking water than from lack of food. What will you do when the water stops flowing from your faucets in a disaster or emergency?


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Webster's Dictionary definition of what is distilled water through Distillation:  

"Water that has been freed of dissolved or suspended solids and from organisms by distillation."

The scientific formula for distilled water: H2O+ Nothing! (Drinking distilled water is safe)

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The SurvivorStill is light-weight and stores in a 7 gal. bucket alone with all it's components. Gamma lid keeps items clean & dry with a handle for easy transport in a "Bug Out" situation. Automatic produces 18 gal./day using any heat source.

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What is distilled water? Distillation? Is Distilled Water Safe to drink. How to make Distilled water. Emergency Water Purification. Non-electric water distillers


                      Excellent book 5.0 out of 5 stars

By Dr. Goodrich on January 28, 2017

Format Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase

This is a must-read book if you're interested in understanding the importance of water related to your health. Douglas Hoover has written a comprehensive, easy to read book you will want to review over and over! It will make you think differently about what you are drinking and how it affects your health and vitality.

FREE"Why Do Bad Things Happen..."

Here is what Dr. Charles Mayo says…

“Water hardness (inorganic minerals in solution) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These (hard minerals) passfrom the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system, which delivers all of its products to the blood, which in turn, distributes to all parts of the body. This is the cause of much human disease.” —Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic.

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Is drinking Distilled Water Safe Long Term?                  In one word, Absolutely!

Non-electric Water distillation

The American Red Cross, FEMA, Home- land Security and the CDC all highly recommend our exclusive purification process for purifying all types of polluted water during an emergency, natural and man-made disasters. Removes everything. 

Here is what Dr. Paul Conn says…

“When one drinks impure, dirty water, the body acts as a filter, trapping a percentage of the solids suspended in the water. A filter eventually becomes clogged and useless – fit only to be thrown away. The human body might well face the same fate.

But the basic point – that only distilled water avoids mineral buildups in the body – is an inarguable one. The deposits, which build up in a teakettle from repeated use, are traces of minerals left behind as the water evaporates. Distilled water leaves no such traces – in a tea kettle or in the human body. It is true that in most hospitals distilled water is used for newborn infants; distilled water is prescribed for heart patients in many cardiac wards. And it is true that kidney stones and other mineral-like buildups in the body are much more common in the areas where the drinking water has high levels of inorganic minerals – and distilled water has none of those at all.

It is, without a doubt, the best water available to man- and the only truly pure water available in our waste-laden society.” —Dr. Paul Conn, from “Not A Drop To Drink”

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Contains 30 years of experience compiled by:Douglas C. Hoover

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WaterFalls Naturally

                     Excellent book 5.0 out of 5 stars

By Linda R. on March 14, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase

I am a licensed esthetician, and I help people look and feel better. We all know if we eat nutritious food, we gain healthy glowing skin from the inside out. It also helps with skin breakouts and aids with hydration, keeping wrinkles at bay. It is also very important to know what is in the fluids we drink. We think water is very important for health, what is distilled water? Is it cleaner than what your drinking? Surprisingly, what your drinking could be as unhealthy as smoking a cigarette or worse, without your knowledge. This information is very important and helpful for our overall health and our skin. The beauty industry is raking in billions on makeup and skin care to help us keep looking as young as possible. Drinking distilled water will accomplish that naturally and, again, from the inside out. I am amazed at the information this book has about water. Awesome!!! Read and learn-----then D-R-I-N-K- to your health!!

                      Excellent book 5.0 out of 5 stars

By C. Weller, MD on June 18, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase

I'm impressed with the amount of knowledge this man has about water and its relationship to the body's metabolism, and water related to health in general. Clearly, I gained more knowledge in these areas than I did in 9 years of medical school. Well done, Douglas. I'm thankful you took the time to share.

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What is distilled water? Distillation? Is Distilled Water Safe to drink. How to make Distilled water. Emergency Water Purification. Non-electric water distillers

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