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​​An investment in your own survival​


This non-electric water distiller is the only solar water purifier that is "scald hazard-free" and produces 18 gallons per day automatically from the ocean or even the sewer. Every home in America should have one in their emergency survival kit. 18 gallons= 6 cups of water each for 28 people/ day!

In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, The SurvivorStills method of purifying water is the one American Red Cross, FEMA, Homeland Security and the CDC recommend for purifying water for drinking. Watch this video.

National Geographic Top 10 Natural Disasters BBC Documentary

Americans aren't prepared for the next mega-disaster...
The head of a national disaster preparedness center says Americans are grossly unengaged and unprepared for the next disaster. This could be a massive earthquake, volcanic eruptions, dirty bomb, crash of the dollar, EMP attack or pandemic that puts swine flu to shame. By declaring Martial Law, Obama may remain in office indefinitely, while impacting our constitutional rights.


Starting a fire or cooking in an emergency

 Do you have a plan that will keep you alive?