Most minerals found in their natural form and those found in water are primarily inorganic in form. Therefore, unless they are chelated, they cannot be absorbed by living cells. Unless they are converted through chelation, they will contribute to various ailments and diseases related to the colon, such as kidney stones, gall stones, and plaque buildup in the colon and arteries or in the joints of the body.

Our bodies consist of compounds and elements derived from molecules consisting of atoms. Elements are constructed from molecules which are the building materials for compounds and consist of two or more elements such as water, H2O. Water consists of 2 molecules of hydrogen (H) and 1 molecule of oxygen (O). Another example of compounds would be vitamins.

In order to understand how living organisms use nutritional minerals, you must first understand the relationship between elements and compounds, what they are, and how they function.

Minerals (Nutritional)

The minerals that are essential and critical for life are sometimes referred to as "major minerals" or "macro minerals" and are usually listed or presented alphabetically.

Minerals make up about 4% of the body's weight. Most of our body's weight is made up of water along with organic compounds consisting of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other "combustible" elements.

There are two main functions of minerals: building & regulating.

Macro minerals are what our bodies need the most. These are considered to be:

sulfur &

Trace Minerals:


additional trace minerals: boron, cobalt, chromium, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, & vanadium.

The required intake for various trace minerals is somewhat lower than for macro minerals.

Functions of Minerals

Calcium - strong, healthy teeth & skeleton;
Phosphorus - utilized by teeth and bones;
Sodium - controls balance in cellular fluid;
Potassium - for the health of the heart;
Iron - controls anemia and healthy red blood cells;
Zinc - digestion, liver, and bones;
Fluorine - teeth strength and tooth decay prevention;
Copper - helps produce red blood cells; &
Iodine - thyroid

Minerals Found in Nature Are Inorganic

Inorganic minerals are minerals found in their raw form in the earth and in water, which means, not biological. Organic compounds are of biological nature and origin. This is an important issue regarding the differentiation between organic and inorganic, to more easily understand the organic compound referred to as a chelate.

Chelated Minerals

One reason that the human body cannot assimilate most of the inorganic minerals dissolved in water is that a living organism cannot utilize inorganic minerals directly. Inorganic minerals are basically dirt and are the cause of many disorders and diseases. Before a living organism can absorb an inorganic mineral, it needs to convert it to an organic or biologically structured compound. This transformation occurs in the digestive tract where the inorganic mineral is chemically bonded to an organic molecule.

This bonding process is referred to as chelation, and the final product is called a chelate. In Latin, chelate means "bond." Now the body can recognize the mineral chelate as an organic compound which can be successfully absorbed by the cells.

Absorption of Minerals

There are several things which can reduce the ease with which inorganic minerals are absorbed and utilized by cells. In most cases, there's an insufficient organic matter for bonding with the mineral prior to passing unabsorbed through the organism. Secondly, the mineral may not be assimilated due to the health of the organism.

Scientists have discovered how to create mineral chelates by bonding inorganic minerals found in nature to organic or amino acid. It is converted to a bonded, "reacted" organic ligand (a completed mineral chelate) enabling it to be efficiently and successfully absorbed by the digesting organism.

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Do you consider yourself an average cook, a good cook, a great cook or even a Master Chef?

Regardless of where your culinary skills fall, I can show you how to take it up a notch, both your skills and your belt.

So what's the great secret about distilled? Well, there are several reasons why the quality of your dishes will improve by utilizing distilled water in their preparation and especially if you're currently using tap water.

Cooking and Baking with Tap Water

Imagine that you were about to bake fresh bread such as in the recipe listed below...

You have everything needs for this task organized and laid out on the kitchen counter. Suddenly a complete stranger strolls in and begins adding unknown ingredients to the mixing bowl and leaves. You had noticed a skull and cross bones label clearly displayed on every one of the ingredients. What would you think and how would you react? Would you simply ignore what you know, bake the bread and eat it? Those additional ingredients are listed in the recipe below.

Fresh-baked Sour Dough Artisan Bread

1 cup warm water
1 pkg active yeast
1 tsp salt
1-1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp shortening
¼ cup milk
3 cups flour Additional: Optional* Ingredients
arsenic to flavor
nitrates & pesticides
pinch of pharmaceuticals
bacteria, viruses, cysts
all-purpose chemicals
tsp heavy metals & lead
fold in 1 cup decayed plant & animal matter
chlorine to taste
sprinkle of THMs, HAAS, chlorite, bromate

So you wouldn't eat the bread? Actually, when you use the tap water from almost any city water supply for any recipe, you need to know that those additional "optional" ingredients will be added if you use tap water. So what is the point? If you don't want extra harmful, cancer-causing grossness added to your foods, prepare them with distilled, baking and cooking. You can actually expect the food to taste more like it is supposed to.

Preparing food, baking and cooking using distilled improves the food's flavor, and will even enhance the appearance of food. With the purity of distilled water, and is a natural solvent, nitrates or pesticide residue is effortlessly rinsed from vegetables and fruits.

When you use tap water to reconstitute vegetable or fruit juice, the chlorine and other chemicals affect the flavor. So, too, with coffee and tea... distilled water is pure, odorless, and tasteless; so whatever you add to it, that is the only taste you experience. Therefore, for better tasting juices, coffee and tea, you will find the taste to be greatly enhanced using distilled water. Distilled is what was originally removed from the fruit to concentrate it, and there is nothing in distilled to bastardize the taste. You can actually use extra water, get the same flavor, and make it go farther.

The best tasting coffee in the world comes from using pure, clean, healthy, tasteless distilled water. Less tea and coffee are required when using distilled water because the pure water leaches out more of the coffee and tea from the product, thus requiring less to get the same flavor. Distilled reduces the drink's cost by as much as 25% Even though it will be lighter, the richness of flavor will be prevalent; and much less of a bitter taste.

Better Ice Cubes

There is a very noticeable difference in distilled water ice cubes. They're not only crystal clear, but they are also harder and last longer since there is no inorganic matter to cause it to melt faster.

Reconstituting Vegetable & Fruit Juices

When concentrated fruit and vegetable juices are reconstituted by using distilled, they not only taste fresh squeezed, but you can add 20-25% more distilled water and make it stretch farther and still retain the natural flavor. Because distilled is so pure, whatever you put in it, that is the only flavor you will get out of it. This is because there are no contaminants to alter the flavor or chemistry as there is in tap water. It tastes much closer to the original fresh product. It is also possible to stretch the volume of your finished drink by using distilled to reconstitute it.

Cooking Vegetables

Distilled water will not subject the vegetables to contaminants, as opposed to tap water. vegetables like potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower retain their natural brilliant colors. Soups made with distilled are amazingly tastier.

Sprouting Seeds With Distilled Water

When sprouting various grains, seeds, and all types of beans, distilled will be much more effective than tap water at germinating. It will take place much more quickly, with no contamination, and stay crisper and fresher longer.

Distilled Water for Baking

The texture of baked goods made with distilled is smoother. Since distilled is so pure, more is absorbed by the flour than with tap water. The finished product will also have better flavor and be free of impurities. Various pastries, bread, pancakes, and pizza are all dramatically affected by the distilled water.

Canning of Fruits and Vegetables

Canning with distilled water results in better-tasting vegetables and fruits and their original color and texture will be retained. Also, because the water is pure and sterile, jars seal better resulting in a lower spoiling rate.

Pasta Products

Pasta of all kinds, rice, and grains will absorb distilled water more readily than tap water. These types of products absorb distilled water more readily than tap water, resulting in better texture and less stickiness.

Dehydrated Foods & Distilled Water

In the process of dehydrating fruits and vegetables, naturally existing distilled was eliminated through continual exposure to low heat. So it stands to reason that distilled water is ideal for reconstituting it. Because distilled is so pure, it can pass through the walls of the dried food more effectively than water containing inorganic matter and contaminants.

Mixed Drinks

Obviously, alcoholic mixed drinks taste so much better with distilled. As with everything else, less alcohol is required to effect the same results. Alcohol will sometimes interact with many of the contaminants in tap water such as chlorine, THM's and pharmaceuticals found in most municipal water supplies to create dangerous compounds.

So use distilled water in the preparation of your next dish and be amazed at how the flavors actually come from the ingredients you have added and not from some mystery source such as tap water.

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Is it Healthy to Fast?

By Douglas C Hoover

Drinking Water And Cancer

A carbon water filter is one of the most common types of water purification system used in homes. Although effective for removing many harmful substances, they have a number of disadvantages effecting the quality and chemistry of the filtered water that I will cover later, but first...

There are several major reasons why carbon water filters are the number one choice for cleaning up the tap water nationwide.

Aggressive marketing as a result of low manufacturing costs and extremely high profits.

The creation of false insurances regarding their effectiveness

Carbon filters do remove many chemical and cancer-causing substances and are relatively inexpensive compared to reverse osmosis, deionization, and distillation and since there is a very high-profit margin, this method of water purification is preferable. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers and/or salespeople, are not forthcoming in what a carbon will can and cannot do. Instead of mentioning what it can't do, they will amplify and exaggerate the positive aspects of the filter. As a result, the consumer is under the false impression that their "filtered water" is now healthy.

Carbon filters are not complicated and are therefore easy to install.

Most people are looking for simplicity at a great price

It is not a secret that most municipal water supplies are polluted to some degree, however, the average person is unaware of any of the details or facts about these pollutants or what is involved in removing all of them from the water. If they are told that a carbon filter removes dangerous substances and it does so cheaper than any other method and the water will taste and smell better, that's good enough for most people.

Carbon filters do indeed remove many dangerous chemicals and carcinogens

What about the harmful toxins and substances filters do not remove?

Activated carbon filtration systems do not remove microbes, sodium, nitrates, fluoride, hardness, inorganic, minerals that create kidney and gall stones, lead and other heavy metals.

The activated carbon removes most of the bad tastes and smells

Our sense of sight, smell and taste can be easily and flatly deceived!

In case you are unaware, most of the dangerous chemicals and substances found in tap water are colorless, odorless and tasteless. As a consequence, most people do not get concerned as long as their water taste ok, smells OK and looks clear.

Most filter systems use replaceable cartridges that are easy to replace

It is not a matter of how easy a filter can be changed, but rather when to change it.

Most contaminants in water are measured in Part Per Million (PPM) and as these chemicals pass through the filter they are attracted and absorbed by the carbon. As a result, they begin to accumulate in larger quantities than what might be safe levels according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Not knowing at what point the filter is full or holding all the chemicals it can, larger quantities of chemical than are found can easily be forced loose by the pressure of the water passing by. Changing the allowed PPM of certain chemicals to highly concentrated levels released into your glass.

Clogging and Channeling

Carbon filters will clog in many places, forcing the water to go around the clog. This process continues until an unobstructed path through the filter is found. This process is called channeling. Channeling provides an unrestricted flow of the water and pollutants to pass through the filter, totally negating the carbons ability to retain the pollutants. Unless there was a dramatic change in the flow of the filter, you would not know there was a serious problem, nor when to change the filter.

Rate of Flow, Water Pressure Affect the Filters Performance

Case in Point: The most ineffective water filter on the market is the small one that attaches to your faucet spout and you push a button for the water to flow through it. The main requirement of a carbon filter is that it needs to be of a size proportionate to the volume of water, the rate of flow and water pressure to allow the suspended pollutants to stay in contact long enough for the carbon to attract and absorb them. That little tiny filter does not contain enough carbon for this to happen. The water speeds through in a fraction of a second, giving up nothing to the carbon it passed.

Breeding Ground For Molds and Bacteria

Another disadvantage of a carbon water filter is that it is susceptible to mold. The organic substances that are captured by the filter are capable of rotting after being trapped. Therefore, if you leave the carbon water filter unused for prolonged periods, mold will likely grow inside of it. In addition to mold, a filter can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

In Conclusion: The volume of carbon needs to be in direct proportion to the volume of water that it is expected to filter. Carbon filters are best used as pre-filters and post-filters for more reliable purification methods:

  • Distillation

  • Deionization

  • Reverse osmosis

Why leave anything that is not needed by your body in the water? Take everything out! You spend hundreds on a computer or TV which does nothing for your health or longevity, spend a few bucks on attaining good, clean, pure, clear, healthy H2O.


Many people have water that is too acidic. Unfortunately, a carbon water filter can't change the pH balance of the water. The minerals that cause acidity in the water dissolve and pass right through the filter. So if you have acidic water, it will still be acidic after going through the carbon water filter.


In addition to being susceptible to mold, they are also prone to clogs.


Clogs are yet another disadvantage of a carbon water filter. Undissolved solids usually clog up the filter. These clogs will reduce the normal lifetime of the filter. If your water has a sediment problem, you will probably have to use a separate sediment prefilter to keep clogs from ruining your carbon water filter.

Harmful substances

One of the last disadvantages of a carbon water filter is that they don't remove certain harmful substances from your water. The filter will do nothing to get rid of harmful nitrates or toxic metals that contaminate the water. Also, a carbon water filter is incapable of removing high levels of sodium and fluoride.

These are some of the disadvantages of a carbon water filter. The system requires frequent filter replacement because it will lose its efficiency over time. This type of water filter is also incapable of changing the pH balance of the water and getting rid of certain harmful substances. Also, a carbon water filter is susceptible to clogs and mold if they are left unused for a long period of time.

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   Articles by douglas c. hoover

Why are over 90% of Americans unprepared for survival? The short answer would be, they do not know how to survive under severe conditions. So why not?

When was the last time you had to forage in the woods for your next meal or wash your clothes in a nearby creek? How many Americans rely solely on firewood for heating their homes and for cooking, or manage without electricity, refrigeration or freezers?

How many Americans have starved to death as a result of severe winters or extended drought? When was the last time you heard a group of 86 people traveling to California got caught in a severe snow storm with only 41 surviving by eating the frozen dead?

Early settlers would always venture out in large groups known as "wagon trains" consisting of immigrants of all ages and all walks of life. These groups of pioneers were a microcosm of a modern neighborhood community, but with one significant difference. These people were forced to get to know each other, work together and needed to be able to trust and rely on each other for their collective survival.

Unlike modern society, pioneers and settlers had no choice but to be self-sufficient and dependent on each other's gifts, talents, ingenuity, and especially their strengths and faith.

The land was rarely kind or cooperative, and they faced life threatening challenges from both the weather and terrain. But they faced it together as a community or, if you will, a mobile neighborhood.

Unlike most neighbors, these people worked together, fought off marauders together, cried and laughed together, forged raging rivers, climbed rugged mountains and crossed deserts together. The Donner party ended up getting lost together and could only travel one mile a day blazing a trail through the Sierra mountains, falling behind schedule with winter overtaking them. Even then, they were still together.

Pioneer women learned to supply their household goods. There were no Vons, Kroger's, Costco's, IGA or Walmart... Guess what?... not even a 7-11. They had to learn how to be creative and make what they needed from their surroundings: dried gourds for containers, kitchen implements carved from wood, soap made from lard or fat, or a baby cradle from a hollowed-out log. Even their clothes were made from tanned animal hides; Davy Crockett even had a hat made from a slow raccoon.

The food was no different, and it too came from the land, not the supermarket. They ate what could be gathered, grown and harvested, or chased down, trapped or shot. Winters would force neighbors to come together and share their stories or recently captured game. Since winter meals consisted mostly of corn and dried or fresh game, they were anxiously awaiting spring for the fresh wild berries and edible plants.

We all most likely have a cordial relationship with two or three neighbors and in desperate times may know them well enough to borrow a couple of eggs or a cup of sugar, or even a lawn mower. But it is not likely we would ask a neighbor for some fireplace coals to restart our fire or a primary to cut firewood to stay warm or to share their stash of winter food since a family of black bears broke in and ate everything. 
Health was always a major concern because an extended illness meant precious time lost for hunting, gathering, and preparations for continuous survival needs. They had no pharmacies with cough syrup or aspirin and no hospitals, much less an ambulance to get you there.

Need to get a message to a friend? Put on your hiking boots or hop on your mule. No cell phones, email or texting, fax or telegrams. Can you imagine if Pony Express mail delivery was our only option to deliver a message, through severe or stormy weather, bandits, lame horse or broken saddle?

In a recent national survey, few Americans have food or water storage in case of a disaster or emergency. How many children are today taught the skill of how to plant and harvest a garden, let alone preserve the crop through canning or dehydration? Thousands of more people would have perished during the Dust Bowl/Great Depression 1929-33 if not for the fact that they were the children and grandchildren of American pioneers and were taught to plan and prep for disaster or emergencies.

Although pioneer families were incredibly resourceful and nearly self-sufficient, neighbors were highly valued on the frontier, unlike most neighborhoods today. As I said, most Americans don't even know most of their neighbors, let alone work together in a close knit community. In a pioneer community, if a family were in need, neighbors from miles away would come running to help in whatever capacity they could. Pioneer neighborhoods would even come together to help a newcomer build a cabin or a neighbor harvest his crop.

They would transform these events into a celebration of life and new beginnings with a generous banquet feast. A genuine expression of the community was evident everywhere, with the men working, the women preparing the food, tending to infants and the neighborhood children playing together, inventing new games. Can you imagine any of those or similar activities in today's cities or urban communities? For the pioneers and settlers, it was the norm.

Today's societies are fractured, dysfunctional and antisocial, fast paced, disinterested and self-centered. As a result of neighbors dis-associating and isolating themselves from one another, it becomes "every man for himself" in a disaster or emergency, and it becomes easy for friends to turn on each other, rather than work together eventually. Coupled with the fact that most Americans are unprepared for a disaster within our dense urban populations, only havoc and mayhem can ensue. Without a close-knit, well-organized community, the outcome is every man for himself and survival of the fittest or the most prepared. Most disasters find neighbors killing neighbors for a myriad of reasons. Would any friend kill another if that neighbor helped him build his house or helped him chop wood for the winter?

Another major reason Americans don't believe anything bad is going to happen. The majority of Americans have never experienced a serious disaster that disrupted life as they know it for an extended period such as the dollar crash, EMP, major earthquake or pandemic. People are distracted in a major way, trying to make a living and paying taxes, and spending the rest of the time entertaining themselves with everything from sports and movies to parties, bar-hopping, and hobbies.

People are so preoccupied with self that they can no longer only drive from one place to another without talking on the cell phone, texting or listening to the radio or stereo. It is as if Americans no longer have quiet time to simply think about anything because their brains are preoccupied with music and jabber imputed from a myriad of electronics. Americans are lost and alone in more ways than one and therefore will definitely be lost, helpless and vulnerable to a serious disaster or catastrophe.

Watch National Geographic's movie "After Armageddon" and ask yourself what you would do under the same circumstances... you will find yourself and family shifting gears in an attempt to become prepared.

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By Douglas C Hoover

You won't believe what Joseph Mercola, MD says about alkaline and distilled water!

Organic Vs Inorganic Minerals

Eating The Frozen Dead

By Douglas C Hoover

It is time to separate the myths, misconceptions and outright fabricated lies about distilled water and its relationship to health and the physiology of the human body. Distilled water is simply the most consistently pure water available anywhere and is the only regulated water on the market.

Distilled water was the first to be sold in supermarkets before the first bottled water vending machine, was installed in Bill's 
IGA Grocery store in Brooklyn, Michigan in 1976. In the late 50's, 60's and 70's the only water sold in stores was distilled water, found in the household cleaning products and laundry detergent aisle, since it was used primarily for steam irons and car batteries. Why? Because all other water except rain water and distilled contains other substances, including inorganic minerals that would build up and plug the holes of the steam iron and collect on the lead plates of the battery, shortening the battery's life.

Michigan was one of the first states to experience and recognize the serious consequences of ground water pollution as a result of the random disposal of the automobile industry's hazardous waste materials in urban rivers streams and vacant land along country roads. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was discovering the nationwide pollution of water tables from the indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste, along with chemicals from farming, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in addition to leaching from landfills.

Clean Water?

Now, three decades later, the chemicals remain in the water along with additional ones introduced to our environment at a rate of approximately 1000 new chemicals and toxins per year. Despite that fact, municipal water supplies are only required to test for the 127 priority pollutants list in the 1972 Clean Water Act. They stopped testing and adding new chemicals to the list over 30 years ago due to the astronomical number of new chemicals produced annually. It is virtually impossible to remove them from the water. Water companies do not have the funds or ability to deal with this.

For this reason, alone, the bottled water industry has sprung up and grown exponentially over the years. Forbes Magazine reported that "... the bottled water industry is now growing faster than the economy."

In a race to grab a slice of the water profit pie, there are hundreds of water related companies who manufacture equipment,
devices, and methods of cleaning up and enhancing water. Our city water is supposedly safe and healthy to drink," even though, in the case of San Diego's municipal water, it contains 24 of the 127 priority pollutants that are known to cause cancer in humans. It also contains trihalomethanes (THM) at twice the legal limit (6 carcinogens + chlorine), in addition to hydro fluorosilicic acid, used in rat poison and pesticides. The municipal water providers say all these carcinogens are at "safe levels" and meet EPA standards. Yeah, right. Give me a glass of water with well over two dozen carcinogens (that they test for), but just make sure they are all at "safe" levels, and I'll feel safe and healthy.

So now we can buy spring water, glacier, mineral, sparkling, flavored, vitamin water, filtered, deionized, reverse osmosis, alkaline water, balanced water, vortex-ed water, zero water and far from last or least distilled water, just to name a very few!

If your goal is to get into the water business water and make the most money, I recommend running municipal water through a cheap carbon filter, bottle it and slap on a label that says "Spring Water"... that is, if you're unethical like many water companies are. But guess what, it is not against the law to do that in most states. The only water that is regulated is distilled water; if you label it distilled, it must be purified by the distillation process.

If you buy your water from a vending machine, I highly recommend you check to see what the purification process involves. If it is "filtration only," the water has only a portion of the chemicals removed, and all of the inorganic minerals remain. The body cannot utilize inorganic minerals; only organic ionic minerals are healthy and can be used by the body. Inorganic minerals cannot be absorbed by cells and can contribute to plaque in the colon, kidney stones, and several other ailments.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most common method of water purification which, when new, can eliminate more than 90 percent of carcinogens. Filters need replacing after treating a certain number of gallons of water. If they are not, the quality of the filtered water begins to degrade rapidly to the point where the water coming out of the vending machine can be worse than filtered municipal water. When the filters have reached their capacity to hold chemicals, they start releasing the trapped materials with each vend as the water volume and pressure breaks the compounds lose.

The only water that can be trusted is water purified through the distillation process, in which water is boiled, killing all bacteria, cysts, 
ameba and waterborne diseases, leaving all chemical and other pollutants in the boiling tank, collecting the steam and cooling it back to liquid distilled water. This water is then polished by a carbon filter to eliminate the possibility of volatile organic compounds that may have turned into a gaseous form and passed through with the steam. The result is pure, clean, healthy H2O plus nothing.

Distilled water is so pure that it is a natural solvent (hungry, empty of any other substance or compound). As a consequence, distilled water will quickly dissolve inorganic mineral plaque buildup in the colon, kidneys (stones), gall bladder (stones) and other parts of the body and flush them out.

Our bodies consist of over 70% water which needs to be replaced daily from loss through perspiration, evaporation through breathing, elimination of waste through the colon and bladder. Water is necessary to create blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, bodily fluids, etc. Depending on the purity of the water we consume, our body needs to remove all of the carcinogens, toxins, chemicals, and worthless inorganic minerals (dirt) before it is safe. The cleaner the water is, to begin with, the faster it can be used for hydration and other bodily functions. According to Andrew Weil, MD, ("America's Doctor" and one of Time Magazine's "Top 100 most influential people"), distilled water is not only the most consistently pure, clean, healthy water -- it is the water he drinks regularly.

Alkaline Water

Dr. Weil also said that the latest fad of "alkaline water" is a scam. He calls it 
"bogus, saves your money." He claims that the $2,000-$6000 machines sold worldwide produce salty water at 8+ pH. This water doesn't change the body or blood's pH, because the very moment that the alkaline water reaches the stomach, the stomach acid instantaneously neutralizes it before it ever leaves the stomach!

A famous doctor on the internet claims that "Early death comes from drinking distilled water." He and several other "professionals" that have quoted him have caused this myth to go viral on the internet. When you Google "Early death comes from drinking distilled water," there are close to one and a half million results. Most of these published false quotes come from individuals who are marketing water filters or alkaline water machines. To claim alkaline or filtered water is the best, they feel a need to malign or disparage the best, purest and healthiest water for drinking: distilled. Not only is it the best drinking water available, but it is also the cheapest in any supermarket in America.

Myths About Distilled Water

The most popular myth about distilled water is that all the essential minerals that the body needs are leached out. First of all, most minerals found dissolved in water along with chemicals, carcinogens and toxins are inorganic, not ionic or chelated* and able to be absorbed and used by our bodies. They instead cause plaque on the colon wall. A staggering statistic is that 33% or one out of three people over 55 will contract colon cancer! Dr. Charles Mayo,
the founder of the prestigious Mayo Clinic, not only recommends drinking distilled water but says, "Water hardness is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract."

Another false claim is that "distilled water leaches valuable minerals from the body." First of all distilled water does not pull minerals from the body. People who make that claim are more than likely some uninformed "professional" with little or no knowledge of the body's physiology. All water passes through the walls of the intestines (colon), and then our body removes nothing from the water that is not beneficial. When the water is used to make blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, bodily fluids, etc. Distilled water is simply pure H2O + nothing. It does not course through our veins, blood does! Blood delivers nutrients to the body's cells and carries away waste materials. Blood is not going to provide protein, mineral or vitamin to a cell and then take it away.  Just, stated, distilled water will not pull minerals from the body. For those of you who believe that I suggest you take a summer adult high school education course on science and chemistry.

Since the establishment of Distillation Station in 1976, distilled water vending, no one has been able to prove that early death comes from drinking distilled water, or that distilled water leaches minerals from your body. To date, no one has claimed the $10,000 offer by submitting a blind study or published paper proving in any way that pure, clean distilled water can cause an early death from leaching minerals from the body. The offer is still open.

The Truth

I have been drinking a gallon of distilled water per day for over 40 years. I fast all food for a minimum of 21 days annually. Over the years I have done three 40-day fasts on just distilled water. I fasted a year ago for 60 days: 40 days, then a break of 6 days eating only vegetables, and then continued another 20 days (for a total of 60 out of 66 days). No "early death" here, just perfect health and longevity.

I guess a man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument. Change your water and improve your health. Drink distilled water purified nature's way: evaporation and condensation.

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The Plumping of America

Let me start by stating that I'm writing this to distil the truth about the coined "alka-lines" and "alka-lies" flowing freely on the internet. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not spent the past 40 years studying and experiencing the incredible truths about drinking plenty of pure water and fasting regularly, I would be just as confused as most people searching the web today for the truth of which water is the healthiest. Well, you need not search any further.

The sad truth is that most "experts" simply have an agenda. They are either plagiarizing or quoting other "experts" to sound knowledgeable and important. Or perhaps they are important, but needing to stretch the truth about their "special water's" benefits, while maligning all other types of water (except the "Holy" kind) because they are selling a very, very disgustingly but very profitable water purifier/ionizer, to the tune of $6,000. Oh my, thank your lucky stars for multi-level marketing, "MLM"! Here is what they teach the recruits and downline to fill water buckets with bucks:

Only sign up twelve sick and dying unawares, next, sell them an ACME alkaline ionizers, then tell them it has healing powers smuggled in from Japan. You then begin to teach them a slew of scientifically, important-sounding meaningless technical words and catchy phrases. Then train them to malign the competitor's carbon water filters by saying that they breed bacteria and collect dangerous amounts of chemicals. Next, share that DI exchange systems don't remove 100% of all chemicals and let's see, oh yes, reverse osmosis wastes oceans of water in the filtering process, plus distilled water leaches minerals from your body and nickel from the stainless water distillers.
Here's their favorite one, "early death comes from drinking, pure, healthy distilled water" a quote from a con artist by the name of Joseph Mercola, MD. He makes absurd statements, e.g., distilled H2O is acidic and therefore leeches calcium from the bones and minerals from the body.

Oh Yeah, teach them to spread this great gospel news that "Alkaline Living Waters" is the only right healthy-healing water on earth that will make you very well and stinking rich and grow hair as a bonus!

Tens of thousands of sailors on Navy ships have been drinking pure, clean, healthy, pristine distilled water for decades (still are) with ZERO ill effects. Doctors, including Mercola, quote his asinine statement, "Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water," are more than likely embarrassed. Especially at how ignorant and unlearned they are about how the bodies metabolism works about water and its relationship to all bodily functions. A google search of Mercola's irresponsible false statement will show 88,900,000 ignorant, so-called health experts have quoted Mercola on their websites. Pathetic and very very sad to say the least. 

I publically offered Mercola and anyone else $10,000 cash for ANY information or facts that could prove continued consumption of distilled water could in any way at all be harmful! To date, nobody has claimed it!

Ask yourself a simple question, would you expect to get your dishes clean washing them in dirty water? Of course not. Isn't the internal cleanliness of our bodies more important than dishes?

Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. (Named one of Newsweek's "Top 100 Most Influential People in The World") talks about distilled water is close to a pH of 7 (not acid). He states it's free of all contaminants (that is why laboratories and hospitals use distilled water) and it is the healthiest water available, and it is the water he drinks.

Dr. Charles Mayo, the founder of the Mayo Clinic, says that the inorganic, non-chelated organic minerals [hardness] found in water are the biggest cause of diseases related to the colon (1 out of 3 adults over 55 will get colon or rectal cancer). Inorganic minerals build up in our bodies contributing to kidney and gall stones, plaque in the intestines, colon, arteries, etc. certain forms of arthritis and more.

We get our needed minerals from our food, not water.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If any doctor, health care professional or nutritional specialist says anything negative about distilled water (simply the purest, cleanest H2O), it is because they market some water filter or purifier (ionizer, alkaline water machine costing $2000-$5000).

With the bottled water industry exceeding the 15 billion dollar mark, making it the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry, it only stands to reason that many would view this as a get rich quick opportunity.

When Amway, a multimillion dollar multilevel marketing (MLM) company discovered the low manufacturing costs and extremely high-profit margins in carbon filters, 25 years ago, they rightly chose to include one in their product line.

Now the same thing is happening in the alkaline drinking water craze, or should I say scam?

Is Alkaline Water A Promoter Of Health?

Alkaline water advocates claim it allows for our bodies to absorb both minerals and antioxidants from water better, but Dr. Andrew Weil strongly disagrees with this unsubstantiated claims. He says that ionizers that produce alkaline water are overpriced bogus machines that provide water with a pH of 8-9.5 that is falsely claimed to protect health. The promoters say that alkaline water can prevent disease by balancing the pH of the body, that it energizes while hydrating the body much more efficiently than pure water (distilled) and when used in cooking, even enhances the flavor of food. They claim alkaline water improves the absorption of nutrients, promotes "regularity," cures overweight and obesity, and even breast cancer and high blood pressure.

Not only are these claims false, but our bodies also do not need any help whatsoever adjusting or maintaining pH. Most generally the blood and bodily fluid's pH is near seven which is neutral on the pH scale. Since all of the chemical reactions that maintain our body are so critical to life, they remain in perfect control. No matter what the pH is of the food and drink you consume, the body will stay in balance provided there are no serious issues with the kidneys or respiratory system.

It is a fact that alkaline water is prevalent throughout the midwest and western states; however, there are no medical statistics that it has prevented anyone from any diseases or disorders occurring elsewhere in the country. "The claims of health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water are not only unsubstantiated, but they are also "bogus," save your money," says Andrew Weil, M.D.

Next time someone tells you that alkaline water is the healthiest water to drink, ask what happens to their alkaline water once it reaches the stomach? Answer: It instantly turns acidic! So much for alkalinity.

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By Douglas C Hoover

By Douglas C Hoover

Are You Entrusting Your Health To The Government?

A healthy source of drinking water is the single most important item to have on hand in the likely event of an emergency or disaster, second only to breathable air. Food, of course, would be second on the most needed items in natural or human-made disasters or emergency. In most cases, after a disastrous event, the stores quickly empty out of the most crucial items such as water and food, next would be generators, flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, propane, cook stoves, etc.

Water is always the first to go. Not just from the shelves in the grocery stores and convenience stores but along with the electric and gas utilities, water is also turned off. When the water stops flowing from your tap, and you were not able to find any in the stores, what is your plan? In an extended crisis of weeks or even months, neighbors will be draining sources like swimming pools, spas, and water features. They will be knocking down property fences and gates to get at it hauling away buckets at a time and drained in days for sure. Now what?

Martial Law and curfews will eventually be enforced, resulting from wide spread riots and looting, starting first in the cities and then slowly migrating to the suburbs and then into the rural areas. Gangs and small marauding bands of thugs will start taking what ever they need or want, more than likely at gun point. You can quickly start to see you should have planned for such a time as this.

My purpose of writing this article is to alert and warn you that everyone who wants to survive a major crisis or disaster needs to stock, water, food, and protection. Protection? What am I saying? I'll be blunt, and straight forward, only those that have planned will survive. Are you a pacifist or a Christian zealot? Are you willing to stand by and watch a female member of your family raped and murdered? Get a gun and learn how to use it! That said, let's move on.

If the neighborhood is on fire, burning from house to house, you need to bug out. Do you have a bug-out plan in place or are you going to jump in your car and head for the nearest grid-lock? What about buckets of beans and rice, wood burning camp stove and cooking utensils. Water? You can only carry so much, and water weights 6-lbs per gallon. What you need is a way to purify any polluted water source using any heat source. Can't I just use a filter? If you did your homework in advance, you would know that the American Red Cross, FEMA, Homeland Security and the CDC all recommend a non-electric water distiller, and strongly warn against any type filter in an emergency or disaster. Why a non-electric distiller? First, you will not likely have electricity. Second, they recommend boiling water to kill disease germs, bacteria, viruses, cysts and waterborne diseases. Distillers do just that! Plus all non-electric distillers can use any heat source, electric or gas stove, propane stove, barbeque grill, charcoal, camp stove or even a camp fire. There 
are only four or five non-electric survivor stills available.

Eight features to look for in a non-electric survivor still

1. Determine the volume of water it will purify per day. The production of distilled water from the available non-electric water distillers varies from 8 gallons per day to 18+. ( Take care you pick a model that will supply your family's needs.)

2. Choose a survivor still based upon the gauge of the stainless steel boiling pot and the one with the sturdiest construction and heavy-duty materials and components. Especially since yours and your families lives will be depending on its performance under the roughest circumstances and conditions.

3. Most non-electric distillers are a severe scalding hazard capable of causing 3rd-degree burns. A child can quickly pull the boiling pot onto themselves as well as an adult. That is the last thing you need is a life-threatening injury during a disaster when hospitals may not be accessible for burn treatments. Pick a survivor still that uses a condenser cooling system and has the boiler snap-latched to the condenser preventing accidental scald injuries and the condenser water always remains at room temperature also preventing scald accidents.

4. Pick a survivor still that is automatic, so there is no need to manually add water to the boiler or continually dump and replace the condenser water as needed with some units. It is tedious and dangerous work handling the boiling pot and condenser. Most models require the condenser water to be dumped and replaced with cooler water for the still to function and if not replaced regularly, the condenser water can reach temperatures of 140- 150 F hot enough to cause third degree burns with just 2 seconds of skin contact. One survivor still model uses a 9-volt pump 5-watt solar panel with battery back-up to keep the condenser cool at all times, rain or shine, day or night and also automatically adds water to the boiling pot as needed.

5. Pick a survivor still that does not need to be level to operate as some models do. If you are in an outdoor camping situation and require a campfire as your heat source, you cannot be worrying about whether the survivor still is perfectly level or not as some brands need.

6. Some models do not have a closed system to prevent outside contamination from the air or debris from a fire. Pick a survivor still that is completely enclosed from the boiler through the cooling coils and the post filter and into a closed collection container. You will never need to worry the distilled water will ever get contaminated in the distillation process.

7. Choose a survivor still that can easily be packed up and transported with ease, in the event you need to bug out fast. You do not want to be dealing with a bulky boiling and condenser pot, especially if you're on foot!

8. The greatest amount of distilled water is produced using a stainless steel cooling coil inside a condenser full of cool water. For this reason, avoid models that utilize pots of cool water and use the bottom to condense the steam. In this method, the steam is subject to contamination from the air and the lower surface of the pot. Pick a model with a cooling coil suspended in a condenser of cool water, the steam contained inside the coil, is protected from outside contamination. This method also produces three times more distilled water. That feature accounts for the greater cost of a non-electric survivor still with a stainless steel cooling coil and automatic features. The quality of the automatic model, the high volume of pure water and ease of unattended operation and the peace of mind knowing it cannot scald anyone justifies the increased cost. This model also comes in a 7-gallon bucket with a screw on Gamma Lid which houses all parts and has a handle for easy transport.

Which ever model or brand you choose, you will know that regardless of the source of water you will be able to turn it into healthy pure drinking water in any emergency or disaster.


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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a branch of the Center For Disease Control (CDC), has determined that obesity among children and adolescents has reached epidemic proportions with approximately one out of five found to be obese. Are you shocked? You shouldn't be, considering the fact that you can walk into any public place such as Kmart or Walmart and look around at the children. Sadly, if one or both parents are present, you can usually see that obesity runs in the family. And by scanning the contents of their shopping cart, you will discover the reason. The majority of its contents are calorie-rich, nutrition-poor comfort food (junk food) which can be found cleverly displayed on every aisle's end cap. Doesn't it concern you to know that the only things that will survive the annihilation of the earth's surface will be plastic, cockroaches, and Twinkies? Oh, I almost forgot... and Pop Tarts.

The most recent figures available place food stamp recipients at a whopping 44.2 million, up 4.7 million from last year, with Medicaid enrollment topping 50+ million. That means that one in five Americans are now dependent on the Federal Government, and growing! If you are an advocate of BIG government, you can ignore these statistics. If not, get concerned, get very concerned! And remember, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

What's Going On?

Many Americans who were once considered "middle to upper middle class" have lost their jobs, homes, self-respect, self-esteem, and are now dependent on the government to survive. This, in addition to the increasing trend of broken marriages and split families, has further exacerbated the moral decay of America. And the result is a growing attitude of "if it feels good and seems good, do it," and an "I deserve it" generation.

So you tell me: if this is America's growing dilemma, is it any wonder that one out of three adults are overweight or obese and the children are following suit? Are you surprised that these people have the pleasure and/or comfort food and not a healthy lifestyle on their minds? Obesity leads to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and early death. Now, these same people are dependent upon and clinging to Obamacare or Medicaid for their survival.

Depression Can Lead to Overeating, Leading to Obesity and Then to More Depression.

Is this a hopeless cycle? With wisdom, knowledge and a sound method, any cycle can be broken.

The United States government is proficient at giving handouts to destitute citizens when what they really need is a hand up. When they give them a welfare check, food stamps and free medical, they will survive by riding on the backs of business owners and employed taxpayers. But give them a job, and they will have self-respect and self-esteem as productive citizens of a free, growing prospering country.

Productivity, self-reliance and personal responsibility leads to prosperity. The result is the will to live longer and a desire to accomplish this by adopting a healthier lifestyle for both them and their loved ones. What would happen to this country if 40 million unemployed people were given jobs and became personally responsible for themselves and their families and were no longer dependent upon the growing government? That is a rhetorical question since the answer is obvious.

My personal goal is to become an important part of that "hand-up" to a depressed, disillusioned, despairing, overweight and/or obese segment of our beloved, God-fearing country. I do not possess an advanced university degree, but I believe in common sense and not so common wisdom.

A wise farmer does not wait for rain plant his crops. He knows that if he plants them, rain will come, both the former and the latter rain. So take heart if financial misfortune has come your way; it is only for a season and you will need to get busy preparing for the next season. So break up and prepare the hard, fallow ground of your current situation. Then step out in faith and begin planting seeds, having faith in the hope that the rains will come when least expected. Then a new season of harvest shall begin. Walking in faith requires not looking at your current situation, for it is not real or lasting - it will change and eventually pass away. Keep your heart trusting in the one who designed and created you, knowing that he loves and cares for you and wants the best.

My hope and prayer, that you will catch a glimpse of the wonderful things God has in store for you and realize that He is your only true foundation, anchor, a port in the storm, provider, protector, true Peace, and Salvation.

If you find yourself described in this article, please note that there are hope and deliverance on the horizon for you and your loved ones. Please start with those things that you have free will and control over, a "careless" attitude, indulgence, gluttony, apathy, anger, selfishness or anything else that you would desire to no longer be a part of your life. Simply tell it to leave, do whatever it takes for this to happen, and stick with it until it does leave. Most importantly, acknowledge God and ask him to help you, confessing that you can do all things through Him, who gives you the strength and ability.

If one of your challenges is living an unhealthy lifestyle, having bad eating habits, an unhealthy diet, a problem with obesity or being overweight, I can share with you what I have learned over the past 40 years by drinking plenty of clean pure water (distilled) and fasting regularly. As a result, I have never required a doctor's care or medication for sickness, not even a headache for over 40 years. And thanks to God for the wisdom and knowledge he has given me in the area of natural health and healing. Give fasting and a healthy lifestyle a chance - I promise it will change your life and the lives of others around you. Don't be a statistic; rather, be an exception to the rule: one of the blessed!

Yours in Him, Douglas Hoover

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The Distilled Truth About Alkaline Water

Man's greatest fear is dying and especially prematurely in regards to an accident or disease. And the second greatest fear and dread is to become totally dependent upon others through old age and sickness such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Health experts are discovering that one of the greatest common denominator's for most diseases and sickness is the quality and quantity of the water we drink. The greatest discovery in regards to long-term health is the rejuvenating effects on man physically, mentally and spiritually through fasting using pure clean water purified through reverse osmosis or distillation.

Our bodies greatest challenge and struggle is dealing with the toxic debris and wastes in our environment in addition to trying to metabolize today's over-processed, demineralized foods laden with preservatives, artificial chemicals and exorbitant amounts of sugar and salt. Struggle, of processing or metabolize this food and turning it to energy and separating out toxins, chemicals, waste material and pollutants and trying to eliminate all of these from the body requires great amounts of energy. If you do not supply your body with enough water many short-term and long-term problems can occur. The process of digesting and assimilating nutrition and eliminating waste involves four major organs of elimination, which require large quantities of water to stay supple and function properly:

  • bowels

  • kidneys

  • lungs

  • skin

An incredible amount of energy is required to process a meal passing it through the gastrointestinal tract with all of the functions involved to extract nutrients and then passing it on for elimination by way of the 30 feet of piping that runs from the mouth to the rectum. And more energy is required to:

pass liquids through the kidneys purification process.
for the chemical processes involved in the liver and gallbladder in preparing the nutrients for delivery to every cell of the body.
for the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood and expel carbon dioxide and times.
the skin requires the largest share of water since it is the largest organ in the body with 100 million ports to expel toxins and respiration which results in cooling the body as the perspiration evaporates.

Energy is needed in the process of reading the body of a toxins created while metabolizing food and in the process of maintaining our body temperature at 98.6° a fever is the result of our body temperature rising above the normal temperature of 98.6 and many times a fever occurs for the purpose of learning up and flushing out toxins.

In addition to dehydration, our toxic environment is the biggest culprit responsible for much sickness and disease. Humans are inundated with noxious fumes and toxic filth from our skies alone the average large city produces 20 - 30 tons of airborne particles per square mile per month. Smog alerts are a common occurrence in most large cities which contain industry, both small and large. As a result, the cities have a greater occurrence of deadly lung diseases and heart problems from continually reading highly polluted air. Unfortunately, polluted air in the form of small is not restricted to large metropolitan areas and is affecting the Grand Canyon and killing trees in our forests including the beloved, irreplaceable giant redwoods.

Drinking plenty of clean healthy purify water such as our own or distilled along with an annual or semi-annual fast will not only help keep the body clean and help it stave off sickness and disease it will most assuredly prolong your life.

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By Douglas C Hoover

How effective are they?

Basic Survival Food Storage On a Budget

What is distilled water? Distillation? Is Distilled Water Safe to drink. How to make Distilled water. Emergency Water Purification. Non-electric water distillers

​​An investment in your own survival​

News Flash: No one has ever died from fasting- Fasting is Not Starving!

By Douglas C Hoover

Cooking With Distilled Water

By Douglas C Hoover

160 million Americans are either obese or overweight

By Douglas C Hoover

By Douglas C Hoover

Disasters always seem to be happening everywhere else but in our own neighborhood. After a while, we actually start to believe it will never happen here and in my lifetime. Case in point, have you prepared for a natural or man-made disaster or at least even thought about it? Through this article, it is my hope to at least plant a seed of urgency within your mind and helps you to take that life-preserving step towards preparedness. Avoid the common responses to disaster uttered by thousands of people after it is too late, "Would have, could have, and should have, only if..."

You have no doubt read or heard about the horrific stories of thousands of shattered lives and lives cut short by the expected or unexpected earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It is common knowledge that Japan is one of the most unilaterally prepared countries for earthquake related disasters, yet there are hundreds of stories of how even this nation was taken by surprise and many were not prepared for what happened.

Within a matter of hours following a catastrophe, the results of unpreparedness emerge, with the first being medical emergencies, immediately followed by a lack or shortage of drinking water, with hunger close behind. Panic and hoarding are people's first survival response to a disaster. Unlike the despicable behavior of many Hurricane Katrina victims, Japanese survivors worked together while sharing common resources and remaining relatively calm.

If you are a typical North American or European with a small cupboard or pantry of assorted canned goods and junk foods, don't even think about a casual grocery shopping trip. Within a matter of one hour, grocery stores will be emptied and hardware or department store emergency supplies will be non-existent.

You may have a freezer or refrigerator full of food, but how long will that last when the power and gas are cut or significantly reduced? What about cooking the food you do have? Oh yeah, "I should have bought a camp stove, should have bought extra gas for the barbecue, should have bought a solar sun oven, and I would not need to buy or store fuel. Should have bought a food dehydrator or dehydrated food, rice, beans, powdered eggs, canned butter, powdered milk... Is it a little late? Where is that flashlight? Oh great, the batteries are dead, where are some batteries? My cell phone, TV, laptop, Ipad and Dick Tracy watch are not working! How can I get the news or emergency broadcasting radio network? Oh yeah, guess I should have bought a crank/solar emergency radio."

I turned on the tap and nothing came out, have only four-liter bottles of water for five people. I should have stored more water or bought a hand pump-Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Where can I find water? Bridges are down, power lines are down, roads are closed, there are fires breaking out everywhere. A family member is injured and I have no first-aid kit and get to the hospital!"

Please don't turn this scenario into a reality, don't wait until tomorrow. Today is not even waiting for you. You have already purposed in your heart and mind to do something about becoming prepared, but are waiting until you get around to it. Should-a, Would-a, Could-a, but didn't. Don't let that be true for you. Act now and get started by logging on to

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How will you fare in a major disaster of sudden long-term emergency?

Before starting 40-days fast on distilled water, I made an appointment with my doctor at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla, California. At first, the doctor was much opposed to a 40 day fast, and especially on nothing but distilled water, commenting on its lack of minerals and electrolytes. But I explained to her:

  • that I have been fasting every year for over 40 years

  • and I have never been sick or been to a doctor or taken medicine

  • and on this 40-day fast, I decided to include 1oz of liquid vitamins and 2 oz of liquid protein

  • plus I planned to exercise daily at a spa.

Upon hearing this, the doctor seemed to be a little more amenable, especially after viewing the lab results of my blood cells, cholesterol, and blood pressure. She was amazed to discover that at age 65, I seemed to have the "heart of a 25-year-old" and the results of my blood test were "exceptional."

She asked me why I was drinking distilled water as opposed to any other type. Curious about why she asked, I was prompted to ask what kind she drank. I was not surprised to hear that she and her family drink San Diego's tap water. My next question to her was, "Do you have any idea of how many pollutants are present in San Diego's municipal drinking water?" The doctor immediately retorted, "if it wasn't safe to drink, I'm sure they would let us know." By the time I finished sharing with her what I knew about the chemicals and carcinogens (all at "safe levels," according to the EPA) regardless of the so-called healthy minerals and electrolytes, as well as water and its relationship to health, she was considering a reverse osmosis filter.

 Most medical doctors know very little about water and its relationship to health, let alone the condition of municipal water nationwide. If the medical field is unaware and unconcerned about the severe unhealthy state of Americans water supply then why should we be and therefore naturally trust the government with our health and lives. Regardless of where you live, if you were to call up your local water utility and ask them if there are any dangerous chemicals or carcinogens in the municipal drinking water, they would say, yes, several, but they are all at safe levels. When I drink water, I would like to think that it is H2O plus nothing: pure, clean and healthy. I do not want to be concerned with many dangerous, cancer-causing substances at "safe" levels.

Fortunately, many communities across the U.S. are voicing concerns about the potential and known links between the chemicals found in municipal water and cancer. Even though water utility companies are required by law to follow specific guidelines about the levels of cancer-causing chemicals, there is much debate on what exactly are "safe levels." As a result of much public concern, new laws have been enacted requiring water utilities to publish the results of their water testing every year for public review. Therein lies the problem: virtually no one reads these reports or, for that matter, even know they exist, let alone have knowledge of the situation. Consequently, the general public continues to drink water that is by no means healthy or safe.

A glass of city water is not going to kill you or give you cancer any more than one cigarette will give you cancer; it is that cigarette after cigarette after cigarette. or glass after glass after glass of tap water.

One of the most insidious cancer-causing chemicals found in our tap water was put there by the water utility company, "for our safety and health." Chlorine is widely known to cause cancer in humans, yet it is the safest chemical available to control water-borne diseases. Not only is chlorine a carcinogen, but when it comes in contact with humic acid (decayed plant and animal matter), it creates gases such as Trihalomethanes:

  • Chlorodibromomethane

  • Chloroform

  • Bromoform

  • Lodoform

  • Dichlorobromomethane

  • Fluoroform

  • Chlorodifluoromethane

Now, as a result of adding one cancer-causing substance, chlorine, we have eight carcinogens linked to rectal, bladder and pancreatic cancers. Another chemical added to our water for our health and well-being, fluoride, has also been determined to cause cancer. The national toxicology program study found that fluoride is related to cancer of the pharynx, mouth, and rectum. Another study published in the Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology found fluoride directly linked to a rare bone disease, osteosarcoma.

Most people are aware that there are hundreds of chemicals being released into the environment every year and none of these are being tested to determine whether or not they cause cancer in humans, or at what particular level are they deemed to be safe. With thousands of chemicals found in our nation's water and food supplies, imagine what astronomical exponential combinations of compound chemicals as a result. If the result of combining chlorine with humic acid can create eight carcinogens, then what can the result be of mixing hundreds of unknown chemicals on the environment or our bodies?

No water utility has the ability or technology to remove this soup of potentially hazardous chemicals from our water supplies. Keep in mind that this is true with most bottled water companies, the majority of which obtain the water they bottle from the same source as the water utility.

Conclusion: many experts believe that the majority of disease in the world today comes from our drinking water in combination with dehydration (not drinking enough water). So if you want to live healthier and longer, drink plenty of pure, clean, healthy distilled or purified water.

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Challenges With Activated Carbon Filters

Drinking Water And Cancer

How Prepared Are You?

The Distilled Truth About Alkaline Water

Eating The Frozen Dead

Distilling The Truth With A $10,000 Reward

Organic vs Inorganic Minerals

Is It Healthy to Fast?

The Plumping of America

Fasting: The Key To Longevity

Challenges With Activated Carbon Filters

Drinking Water And Cancer

Are You Entrusting Your Health To The Government?

Cooking With Distilled Water

Top 8 Features to Look for In an Emergency Water Purifier

By Douglas C Hoover

Distilled Water - Distilling The Truth With a $10,000 Offer

If you have not stored up food and water for an emergency or a disaster, this article could be a lifesaver for you and your family.

Is your reason or excuse for not being prepared the same one used by well over 300 million other Americans? The two most widely claimed excuses are, procrastination and finances, then there's those with their heads in the sand or cyber clouds. Oh, almost forgot the 60+% that truly believe there is no reason what so ever to prepare period. Disasters? Those things happen anywhere but here in my backyard and besides, I'll worry about it when it happens.

If you're in the "not likely will happen" camp, you must be or were living in the outback with no connection to the outside world. It's no longer a matter of what the disaster will be but rather when one will occur. As I'm writing this article Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on South Texas, and many coastal residents interviewed by news reporters, expressed doubt regarding the severity of the storm and the media's expressed urgency regarding immediate evacuation of the coast. If my memory serves me correctly, it is the very same scenario regarding skeptics of Katrina's forecast, resulting in 1,800 deaths.

Most Americans are oblivious about the plethora of pending disasters unrelated to predictable weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, rain and snow storms, floods, and even droughts can be forecasted. Recently Geologists are reporting earthquake activity across the entire country with tremors recorded from all major faults. There are over 400 tremors recorded daily in a 400-sq. Mile area of one of the largest dormant volcanos in the world, Yellowstone National Park. Now, not so dormant according to volcanologists. Most of this information is withheld or suppressed to prevent major panic in the affected regions. Such as the fact that Mt. Rainer is also active and swelling as did Mt. St. Helen before its eruption, however, the experts say it will be five times worst because of the lava cork holding back a potential early eruption. National Geographic has produced a video depicting the potential destruction of such an event, and a similar documentary on the potential destruction of Yellowstone's super volcano.

Much talked about in the past regarding the San Andres Fault as a major threat to millions of Californians. However, a discovery has taken precedence. The New Madrid Fault is not new, to Geologist who have studied this area around the Mississippi and Ohio rivers for decades. Recently, unprecedented activity has sparked such a concern that it's potential for destruction could be ten times worse than San Andres fault. Based upon geologic predictions, the US Navy has drawn up new water navigation maps of the US predicting the resulting math which depicts a resulting shipping lane from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Michigan following the current course of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

Why can't these findings and predictions be shared the news media? A major reason is their intrinsic irresponsibility, hype, drama, and exaggeration of pending events. What would be the results of a major panic of a vast sector of the population? If the results were vast migrations out of an affected area, where would they go, or more accurately, where could they go?

Another natural disaster that has the potential of eradicating over two-thirds of this countries population is an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) from a sun flare or a neutron bomb detonated 30-40 miles above the US on either the east or west coast. Most American do not have a clue what an EMP is until it shuts down the grid- and they are in darkness for months or even years. An EMP attack also disables everything with electronic circuitry like cell phones, computers, cars, planes trains, boats, etc. Welcome back to the horse and buggy era.

What I have given as samples to this point are enough to end civilization as we know it and yet I have not talked about the imminent collapse of our dollar and economy, civil war or WW-III, a major pandemic or terrorist attack.

How many more possibilities need I mentioned before I sound like a Doomsday profit or Fear Porn Purveyor or Monger. O, fine, pick just one! Then ask yourself this simple question, "Do I have enough food to last me at least one month?" Do you believe the grocery store will have any food left after one day following a major disaster? If it is a prolonged disaster, will you survive two or three months? What about protecting what you do have from looters and those that wish to do you great bodily harm to attain what you have? How long will the food you now have in your cupboards last? Water? What about when the water stops flowing from your taps? Three to 4 days without water, your no more!

If it were possible to know you only had 1-2 weeks to collect enough food to last three years, do you have the means or knowledge to know how to do so? Well, that is exactly why I'm writing this article, to tell you how to accomplish this.

For just $109.00 and a seven gal bucket with n air-tight, water-tight lid, you can have enough healthy food that will store easily for 15-20 years and provides two generous meals per day ($0.14 per meal) 50-lbs of long grain rice and 45-lbs of Pinto beans. (From Costco or other warehouse store or food club). Now all you need is pots and a wood camping stove or Solar Sun Oven and utensils. Last but not least, either water or a device that will purify polluted water.

So you don't go crazy eating plain beans and rice, stock up on a large variety of spices and cans of tuna, chicken, beef, Spam, etc. to add more protein and variety to the beans and rice meals.

Learn more about the nutrition found in the combination of beans and rice and how to store it long-term and much more.

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Fasting: The Key To Longevity

The single most healthy thing for a long disease-free life!

By Douglas C Hoover

By Douglas C Hoover

How Prepared Are You?

Top 8 Features to Look for In an Emergency Water Purifier

Most the minerals found in water is just plain dirt!

Many have in the past and many will in the future.

To whom ever can prove distilled water is unhealthy to drink on a regular basis.

By Douglas C Hoover

Fasting For Cures, Prevention, Weight Loss and Longevity

If this is the first article you have read related to fasting and its relationship to health, let me help you with your research:

80% or more of those writing about fasting have not fasted themselves for much more than one or two days.
Most of those same authors copied their information from other "experts" who have never fasted and know nothing about the subject related to personal experience.

You can usually identify the inexperienced authors by their opening statement, which most often consists of a positive remark followed by a leading question. The most common lead-in seems to be: "Fasting has been practiced around the world for centuries... But can it really help prevent disease, help you lose weight and make you healthier?" They treat fasting as though it were a medical procedure and that it needs to be practiced. The truth is, it's not a procedure that needs to be practiced, it's a decision that needs to be made.

Is it an easy thing to fast? Definitely not, and for several reasons:

  • most Americans have a habit of eating;

  • most enjoy eating as opposed to not eating;

  • many are addicted to food and eat way too much;

  • if someone misses a meal, what do they say? "I'm starving!"

  • Americans are used to having food in their stomachs 24 hours a day;

  • most have never heard of the word "fast";

  • those that have heard of it think it's simply a religious exercise;

  • those that advocate fasting recommend it for only a couple of days;

  • or they recommend fasting with juice rather than water;

  • most of the information on the web regarding fasting is negative;

  • most fasting attempts are thwarted or sabotaged by family members or friends;

  • most medical doctors have no teaching/training in med school and condemn fasting;

  • even advocates of fasting argue and disagree with each other regarding the benefits;

  • if you tell someone that you are fasting, you will get "The Look."

Well, if you were possibly considering a fast, I may have already talked you out of it with my short list of "fasting challenges." Read on for answers to the following four questions:

  • Is fasting a safe way to lose weight?

  • Can serious medical conditions be significantly improved by fasting?

  • Is fasting healthy?

  • Will fasting provide longevity?

Weight Loss through Fasting

In order to answer the question, Is fasting an effective weight loss tool?  

We must first understand what fasting is:

  • What is involved? 

  • How our body will respond and what results can be expected over the specific length of the fast.

Other important factors to consider:

  • Does the subject have any eating disorders, food addictions including drugs or alcohol?

  • How is the subject's health? (If questionable they should be under medical supervision.)

  • What is their age? (under 18 should require parental and or medical supervision.)

  • How long is the fast? (It is important to set a lower reasonable goal.)

  • What are their expectations? (What do they hope to achieve physically and mentally?)

  • Are they working during the fast? (at home or employed?)

  • Do they have the support of their family and friends?

These are concerns and questions that a healthcare professional should ask the subject and be able to know how to address and respond to their answers. Unfortunately, there is a severe shortage of trained, experienced people in this area of health care and preventative medicine.

Eating Disorders

Bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating are defined by abnormal eating habits which could involve either inadequate or excessive food consumption. They can eventually lead to serious physical and/or mental ailments or diseases. Fasting for a person with one of these disorders can have very serious consequences. People with an eating disorder who finish their fast might attempt to catch up on all the food they abstained from during the fast in a matter of just a few days. This experience could seriously exacerbate their eating disorder.

Your General Health

The general health of the subject should be assessed prior to employing a fast. Fasting for only a few days is rarely a problem; however, it can be a problem if you have previously been on a junk food diet. Also, if you currently have serious issues with your kidneys or liver, or possible issues with your immune system or taking prescription medications, then you should not attempt a long-term fast.

Duration of The Fast

The length of your first fast should not be a stressful experience. If you don't feel you can last for an extended period of time, start out fasting for two days. The following week try three, and so on. This way your body and brain will acclimate to this new experience. You could also try fasting with juice for a couple of days, then switch to distilled water. My first fast was for 19 days at age 25, working as the chef in my own restaurant and cooking 16 hours per day. Not everyone is able to do that, but start out wherever you are able and train your body a little at a time.

Motivation or Expectations - A Cure For Gout

A fast is easier to accomplish if you are motivated by a goal or vision of what the results will be. My motivation for my fast was to rid my body of a very serious condition of gout in my foot. My expectation was that it would come to pass. My doctor said it was the worst case he had ever seen for someone as young as me. He said that the 1000mg of Zyloprim he prescribed could have the side effect of eventually destroying my kidneys. A customer in the restaurant told me that I needed to read two books by Dr. Charles Bragg, "The Miracle of Fasting" and "The Shocking Truth About Water." I discovered that the combination of drinking 1-1/2 gallons a day while fasting would get rid of my gout! That was motivation enough for me to stick with it despite the temptations 16 hours a day.

In 15 days my gout disappeared completely and I continued for four more days just to make sure. I continued to drink 1-1/2 gallons of distilled water daily and fast a minimum of 21 days per year for the next 40+ years. As a consequence, I have never been sick or been to a doctor or taken medication for illness in over 40 years! Just a coincidence? I don't think so.

40 Day Fast While Working

Five years ago I fasted for 40 days on distilled water and was working every day in construction. On my thirty-fourth day of my fast, I wanted to prove a point to my crew. So I moved 5 tons of small rocks the size of basketballs from where they had been delivered in the street to the backyard of a residence using a hand truck by myself in just 1 hour. I had eaten no food for 34 days and was 59 years of age. When you fast, several major organs can finally take a rest and all that saved vital energy for processing (digesting) food can be used for other things. I think I proved my point.

Fasting To Detoxify the Body

When your body is undernourished with the proper nutrients, it is not able to rid itself of toxins. Since over 50% of Americans' diets consist of processed fast foods, they are not getting the proper amount of antioxidants and phytochemicals needed to help protect our cells from damage. Toxins and waste build up in the cellular tissues; they are called advanced glycation end (AGE) products which contribute to aging, diabetes, atherosclerosis, nerve damage and organ deterioration - a common condition taught in basic science in all medical schools. Fasting along with a healthy diet is a solution to effectively remove the AGE buildup from the cell tissues.

When you do a distilled water fast for more than a couple of days, the body runs out of carbohydrates to burn for energy, causing ketosis. In this condition, your body must burn fat, and the fat is where the body stores chemicals and toxins it has absorbed from the environment and the foods we eat.

Medical Reasons for Fasting

Most medical surgeries require the patient to fast prior to the operation to avoid complications when the body tries to digest food while under anesthesia. It is also required for certain medical procedures for testing cholesterol, blood sugar, and various lab tests to help achieve accurate results. 
Fasting to Treat Disease

Fasting has been proven to eliminate arthritis, lupus, skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition, digestive tract conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease have been cured with distilled water fasts. Even low blood pressure has been successfully treated with fasting.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and The Journal of Nutrition report studies that prove mice on a fast had better control of insulin, neuronal resistance to injury, and several other health benefits than calorie-restricted mice did when the mice were forced to fast every other day. On the non-fasting day give the mice received twice the normal portion of food.

Psychological Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is used to cope with stress and depression by leveling out chemical imbalances in the body.

Certain people should not fast, including:

  • pregnant women;

  • anyone with any form of malnutrition;

  • people with heart issues; and

  • people with hepatic or renal insufficiency.

Fasting for Longevity

Scores of studies prove that animals live longer when fed fewer calories.

For animals ranging from lizards to apes, when subjected to alternating cycles of extreme calorie-restricted diets and fasting, their lifespans were increased. Conversely, human lives are shortened by calorie-rich diets.

Live healthily and live longer with intermittent fasting, daily exercise, 8 to 10 glasses of distilled water daily, and with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet.

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The federal clean water act (CWA) established in 1972 has listed 126 chemicals that are all known to cause cancer in humans, referred to as "priority pollutants". This list of priority pollutants was produced in 1977 and despite the fact that there are over 1000 new chemicals being released into the environment each year, the Clean Water Act does not cover them. They determined years ago that it would be too costly to test that many chemicals determine their individual or collective impact on nature or human health.

In just considering the original 126 priority pollutants, the exponential possibility of various combinations of these individual pollutants is astronomical and virtually impossible to test every potential combination and quantity of compound chemicals.

This isn't hard to believe when you consider there are hundreds of pharmaceutical companies mixing chemicals to produce legal drugs that are later found to be actually killing people and these are chemicals that have been tested first.

So when you consider the number of chemicals and combinations of chemicals found in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat, each of us are a chemical laboratory mixing and testing untold quantities and combinations of chemicals on ourselves.

So with this in mind, it's not surprising that the American Cancer Society's estimates for bladder cancer in the U.S. in 2012:

  • approx 73,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed

  • approx 14,000 deaths.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the US.

It is a well-known fact that most Americans are dehydrated from not drinking adequate amounts of water (8 to 10 glasses per day). As a result, toxins and chemicals are allowed to remain and mix together for extended periods of time, since the bladder is not being flushed properly as a result of drinking adequate amounts of water.

Much like the bladder which is a holding place for liquid waste, the colon is much the same for solid waste (feces) and where water and minerals are absorbed. Large quantities of water are needed for this process and for the waste material to move unimpaired to the canal, but if a person is dehydrated by not drinking adequate amounts of water, the waste material cannot move freely through the colon and consequently become constipated. As a result, toxins bacteria in chemicals remain in the colon, which can result in serious illness, disease and over time result in colon cancer.

Cancer of the colon starts in the tissues and are "adenocarcinomas" (cancers that begin in cells that produce mucus and other fluids necessary for absorption). During long periods of constipation, these cells are subject to concentrations of toxins chemicals and bacteria which can result in adrenocarcinomas cells.

One out of three adults over 50 will contract colon cancer

Estimated new cases plus deaths from colon cancer in the U.S. in 2012:

New cases: 103,170 (colon); 40,290 (rectal)
Deaths: 51,690 (colon + rectal combined)

Since we obviously cannot rely on the government to protect us from our toxic environment, each of us needs to take full responsibility for the type of water we drink and the food we eat. It is not only imperative that we drink pure clean healthy water, but also plenty of it. Americans do not drink enough water but rather substitutes such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, sports drinks, fruit drinks, beer, alcohol, wine etc.

Next to air, clean, pure, water is the most important element on earth in relation to our health and longevity- change your health and your life drink more distilled water more often.

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